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Cross linked PVC Core Material

A rigid, closed-cell foam with a high stiffness and strength to weight ratio. Water absorption is negligible, providing an excellent resistance to chemicals. Ideally suited as a core material for lightweight sandwich structures.Domains: - Marine: Hulls, decks, bulkheads, superstructures, interiors. - Road and Rail: Roof panels, interiors, floors, doors, partition walls, side skirts, front-ends. - Wind energy: Rotor blades, nacelles, turbine generator housings - Aircraft and Aerospace: Interiors, radomes, galley carts, general aviation (fuselage and wing) - Leisures: Skis, snowboards, surfboards, wakeboards, canoes, kayaks - Industrial: Tooling, tanks, ductwork, containers, covers. Characteristics: - Outstanding strength and stiffness to weight ratios - Good impact strength - Low resin absorption - High fatigue resistance - Good fire performance (self-extinguishing) - High sound and thermal insulation - Good styrene resistance Processing: - Contact - Vacuum infusion - Resin injection (RTM) - Adhesive bonding - Pre-preg processing