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Biobased Epoxy Resin

SICOMIN developped different means to decrease environmental impact for Climate Change and purpose a range of biobased epoxy resin. SR GreenPoxy 56 resin is out coming from the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry. SR GreenPoxy 56 resin is produce with a high content of carbon from plant origin. SR GreenPoxy 56 system is a significant technological advance on the following points: Clarity, color, performances and guarantees of industrial tonnages availability. The SR GreenPoxy 56 molecular structure coming from plant origin at almost 56%. The bio-based Carbon content of our system is certified by an independent laboratory using Carbon 14 measurements (ASTM D6866 or XP CEN/TS 16640) SR GreenPoxy 56 resin is available with multiple hardeners to match your exact needs.