Who are we?

Sicomin, founded in 1946 at Paris by BNCI Bank, was headed in 50’s by Charles Marcovich in the distribution of raw materials derived from fatty acids. In 1983, Philippe Marcovich – the current president – opens a composite materials department. SICOMIN has since devoted to the formulation and manufacture of epoxy systems, as well as to the distribution of a large complementary range of core materials, structural reinforcements, fillers, consumables, for the composites industry.

Ours activities divides into six major product families:
- Epoxy Systems
- Reinforcements (E-glass, carbon, aramid fibers,…)
- Core materials (Structural foaming, balsa, cork,…)
- Fillers
- Release agent (waxes, solvent phase, aqueous phase,…)
- Consumables (vacuum, infusion,…)

Our sales force is composed of technicians and engineers trained in the design and implementation of composite materials. More than just suppliers, they will be able to advise you technically and guide you, well beyond the only commercial aspect.

Our expertise

Sicomin is a leading formulator and manufacturer of advanced epoxy systems. Our dedicated team possess over 25 years of experience in the production of high quality resins. Technical team formulate highly specialised, custom made epoxies and off the shelf solutions. Thanks to our efficient distribution network, we can deliver your products anywhere in the world.

Aircraft Industry

Safety is the number one priority for any manufacturer within the transportation sector. The key parameters of passenger protection are the Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) performance of the materials chosen. This last years, Sicomin developed different solutions that are optimized to satisfy these regulations.


Sicomin worked on its systems and solutions in order to stay close from your needs and the new technologie. Our references are develloped and producted in our factory. Sicomin purposed solutions witch are out coming from the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry.


Sicomin is able to support customers developing renewable energy solutions, whilst achieving significant cost savings throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure the performance and maximum efficiency of these installations is achieved, we offer a range of products that deliver strength and superior performance benefits as well as keeping the blades as light and strong as possible.

Civil engineering

Sicomin already enjoys excellent supply partnership with numerous construction and civil engineering companies around the world. We are able to offer a range of products that provide structural reinforcement (epoxy systems for laminating or injection) as well as specially adapted coatings (water based paints or epoxy gel-coat.

Sports & leisure

Sicomin supplies materials to numerous ski, windsurfing, surf and kite board manufacturers who are seeking exceptional performance levels from their equipment. Our range of epoxies for carbon, prepreg and glass are used to provide remarkable mechanical and fatigue strengths in a range of applications and are used extensively by many of Europe’s tops sports and leisure manufacturers.

Arts & entertainments

Sicomin offers a complete service in the production of performing arts constructions and large scale art pieces. These hugely impressive creations often need to be transported between various locations so the materials selected must be exceptionally robust whilst remaining as lightweight and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

What can we do to you?

Every Day, SICOMIN demonstrates its technical know how in the development of a complete range of composite materials. Certified ISO 9001, te Sicomin factory offers a lot of quality services.

Case Study

Our laboratory will study with precaution your specifications. Our engineers will be able to give you a suitable solution to help you in your plans

Technical Advices

Our enthusiastic technical team is attentive to your implementation problems or specific demand. Don’t hesitate to contact them to free consult and quote or their expertise.


SICOMIN warrant quality and merchandise tracking to professionals and also individuals.
-Express delivery in France thanks to regional warehouses.
-Performing distributor networks to all over the world.