Fidelity Reward Scheme


1- Characteristics of the Sicomin’s Fidelity Reward Scheme

For every purchase made on our online shop, the customer receives reward points, called Sicopoint. Collect as many points as you can to redeem vouchers for all our products. 

The program is free and without commitment for the customer. 

Customers who follow the Fidelity Reward Scheme agree that it can be modified, in whole or in part, at any time. In this case, customers will be notified by e-mail of the changes made and their effective date. Updated terms and conditions are available at any time on the website.


2- Advantages of the Sicomin’s Fidelity Reward Scheme

Receive 1 Sicopoint only through the Online Shop for every 10€ of purchase made on the site:

Redeem your Sicopoint for a voucher, 1 Sicopoint = 1€


3- Using Loyalty Points : Sicopoints

The Fidelity Reward Scheme is only valid for the products purchased on the online shop:

Sicopoints are only valid 365 days from the date of the order.

Once converted into a voucher, they are valid once more for 365 days.

Sicopoints cannot be assigned or exchanged with another customer‘s account.

Sicopoints cannot be minted and have no cash value.


4- Terms of the Sicomin’s Fidelity Reward Scheme

Sicopoints vouchers cannot be combined with any other promotions.

A minimum of 10 Sicopoints is needed to redeem them in vouchers.

The minimum amount of your basket in order to use the vouchers is 20€ excluding transport costs.

When using a voucher in excess of the cart amount, you will receive another voucher by email of the difference in value.

The Sicopoints are usable once your order has been delivered. Any order cancellation will result in the withdrawal of your Sicopoints.